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PTMS engineers are experienced more than 15 years
on plastic injection mold making and Injection mould designing.
PTMS is committed to providing plastic part design, complete injection mold design (2D&3D)
and Engineering(MoldFlow Analysis) services.
Based on AutoCad, UG-NX,Pro-E,MasterCam,PowerMill,MoldFlow softwares
Every Plastic Injection Mold is designed 3D solid, providing complete digital representations for mold making and ensuring proper integration of all injection mold components. Using a 3D model eliminates many of the traditional steps in the injection mold manufacturing process.
We can open DWG,DXF,UG,Pro-E,Solidworks,IGES,STP,X_T format 2D and 3D data.
2D Injection Mold Design, 3D Injection Mold Design, Moldflow Analsis For Plastic Parts Of Injection Molding
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