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  • Injection Auto Mold Project
    Injection Auto Mold Project

    PTMS specialized in high quality plastic precision injection mold making since 2002, all mold makers are 5-15 years experience on mold making and very experience for USA, Europe, Australia, Japan standard in HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, JIS and LKM or enterprise injection mold standard. We are making a complex auto parts injection mold these days, this project takes us 2-3 months to make it, our professional engineers have much experience in designing auto parts molds, they studied the drawings many times and gave the customer many valuable suggestions, and finally the customer accepted our good solution, total 3 engineers worked at this auto mold project, meanwhile, our injection mold making team spent much time in such big project, they all have much experience in such auto injection mold making, so the first samples are accepted by our customers. We have advanced mold making machines and project team who have much experience in mold making industry, they can control mold making cost in a reasonable range, also obtain maximum production, minimum cycle time and prolonged mold life. All the jobs we make are just for high quality custom and precision plastic injection mold. So if you need high quality injection auto mold and auto injection molding parts, please feel free to contact us by sales@ptms-mold.com.

  • The Advantages of Silicone Compression Tooling
    The Advantages of Silicone Compression Tooling

    PTMS also can produce high quality silicone mold and silicone rubber compression molding, We can make various silicone rubber compression molding parts, such as silicone keypad, silicone automotive key case, silicone rubber bottle sleeves, silicone bottle cap, silicone sealing gasket, silicone phone holder, rubber cover and etc. We can also make the second operation for silicone rubber molding parts, such as silk-screen printing, painting, laser etching, UV finishing and PU finishing. The silicone parts will be packed by pp bag in carton and than delivery by sea or air, anyway, we will pack the silicone parts as customers’ need.   The advantages of Silicone compression tooling:   1. The short lead time for the compression mold manufacturing, normally it is less than 15 days, but sometimes we can make out the molds within 5-8 days. 2. The single cavity silicone mold cost is about 2% cost of the injection mold for rubber molding and 10% cost of the mass production compression mold cost. 3. It is easier to make the rubber product undercut with compression molding. 4. It is easier to have the over molding and insert molding. 5. It has the various color rubber parts manufacturing without additional charge.   If you need high quality silicone molding with reasonable price and perfect service please do not hesitate to send us RFQ.

  • PTMS Seek Product R&D Partner
    PTMS Seek Product R&D Partner

    PTMS has become an influential manufacturer focus on injection mold and injection molding parts due to many years effort, so we would like to research and development more products for customers. This year we like to seek product research and development partners in the worldwide. We can give customers perfect part design, good materials comments, mechanical properties, cost analysis and etc, especially mechanical properties for the products, for example, the value of the products, how to design perfect parts and control the cost in a reasonable price and etc. We are always concerned electronic product industry, because plastic injection molding parts and die-casting parts are very important for electronic products, electronic products need high quality plastic cover, plastic base, plastic box, metal cover and etc. The engineers will improve the part design if customers need us to make OEM for them, they will design perfect parts based on mechanical properties, part cost and other factors. ODM is also accepted and we will try our best to design perfect products as soon as customers gave us an idea. We can research and develop electronic products according to market demands, but our R&D dept also can research other products and develop it as soon as new business arises in the future. We would like to seek product research and development partners in the worldwide, if you are interested in our idea, please feel free to contact with us!

  • PTMS Make Projects with Customers Together
    PTMS Make Projects with Customers Together

    Now customers are very strict with the quality of injection molding and casting, they need high quality products with reasonable price, some also need lower price, they also would like to get perfect service from the tooling company, that means customers want to get helps and supporting from the suppliers. How to solve this problem? Our company can solve this problem by this way, we have a new business idea that we can make projects with customers together. We often discuss the details of projects with customers, they give us idea and samples, drawings, sketches, than we need some times to study the data, after that we send our new idea to customers for check, such as how to cut the cost, how to make high quality molding, how to use it easily, how to work? The function of molding parts is very important for us, it will help our customers to won the markets, and they will get reasonable profits. We invested funds in projects for customers since 2017, that means we will lost some profits at the beginning of the projects, but we want to make a long time business with our customers, so it is worth for us to do it. It is really hard work for us to invest funds and make projects with customers together, but it is very useful for customers, so they are happy with our new business idea! PTMS will continue to make projects with customers together in the future!

PTMS is an ISO9001-2008 certificated plastic injection mold and molding parts manufacturer, we always provide high quality and reasonable price products to the customers, as it is depend on our effective human management. As a Medium company, our management mainly includes Sales Management and Project Management.

Sales Management

Sales Department is important for our company because this dept’s mission is to negotiate business and get many orders for production dept. Human management is good, also integrates Chinese and Western thinking, actions as below:

1). We train new employees on basic knowledge about injection mold and molding parts, business communication skill and other related knowledge. company structure

2). We make business report under sales manager’s guide every week, discuss business situation, learn from each other, also help each other.

3). We also have reward and punishment system, improve salary for employee who do effective work or improve employee’s position, so the employee can get what they want in our company.

4). We often make some activities, such as swimming ,climbing, fishing, sing song in KTV and etc, that’s to say, good work and happy life. So we have a hard working, cooperating, friendly and innovation sales team.

Project Management

Project department is very important for the quality of mold and molding parts, that’s to say, the success of any project is determined by the strength of the project team. Normally this dept include Project Manager, Quality Engineer(s), Manufacturing Engineer(s), Design Engineer(s), Tooling Engineer(s), so these professionals combine their experience in tooling, automation, prototyping and design to provide you with optimized manufacturing solutions.

We also take human management for this dept so some action as below:

1). We train workers every week on mold making technical, injection molding technical, working procedure, quality control, mentality enlighten. So they have much experience in CNC, EDM, Grinder, CMM, Micrometer, wire cut, etc. company management

2). We have meeting under project manager’s guide every day and discuss project, such as mold material, mold design, how to save cost for customers, how to improve molding parts quality, how to solve the problems in mold making and molding parts, etc, also learn from each other and help each other.

3). We just choose good partners to work, such as LKM mold base, MoldMaster, Gunther, ect, so we can control the quality and cost effectively.

4). We also have reward and punishment system, improve salary for employee who do effective work or improve employee’s position, so the employee can get what they want in our company.

5). We often make some activities, such as swimming ,climbing, fishing, etc, that’s to say, good work and happy life. So we have a hard working, cooperating, friendly and innovation project team.

AdditionalSira Certification

We also have human management for other departments, such as R&D Dept, HR, Security Dept, Package Dept, because PTMS work with ISO9001:2008 system but we can also follow TS16949 system if customers need.


PTMS make many projects with high quality, reasonable price and perfect service to our worldwide customers due to human management for all the departments. We also like to share with others and learn from each other's experience in successful management.

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