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  • The Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding
    The Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

    PTMS offer valuable solution from plastic injection mold design to injection molding parts assembly and our injection molding parts are widely used in Automotive , Home Appliance , Medical , Printer , Plastic Tooling , Defense and Electronics industries.   Plastic injection molding is extremely versatile method of producing parts and products. It is one of the preferred methods for manufacturing parts because it has multiple advantages over other methods of plastic molding. Not only is plastic injection molding simpler and more reliable, it is also extremely efficient. You should have no doubts about using this method to manufacture parts.   Here are some advantages of using injection molding for manufacturing plastic parts: 1. The injection molds are subjected to extremely high pressure. As a result the plastic within the molds is pressed harder against the mold compared to any other molding process. Due to this excessively high pressure, it is possible to add a large amount of details into the design of the part. 2. The high production output rate makes plastic injection molding more cost effective and efficient. 3. Plastic injection molding is an automated process. A majority of the injection molding process is performed by machines and robotics which a sole operator can control and manage. Automation helps to reduce manufacturing costs, as the overheads are significantly reduced. Furthermore, with reduced labor force the overall cost of manufacturing the parts is reduced and this cost saving can easily be passed on to the customer.   PTMS as one of china injection molding undercut manufacturer, we always produce high quality custom injection molding, double color injection molding and etc. If you need high quality plastic injection molding, please contact with us, If you want to know more advantages injection molding, please visit our website ptms-mold.com, hope we can study and share the knowledge from each other.

  • The Advantages of Hot Runner Injection Molding System
    The Advantages of Hot Runner Injection Molding System

    Plastic injection molding is widely used in many industries, some of injection molding is made by hot runner injection mold system, because of some reason like this.   Advantages: Potential faster cycle times, Eliminates runners and potential waste, No need for robotics to remove runners, Can accommodate larger parts. Disadvantages: More expensive molds to produce, Color cannot by easily changes, Higher maintenance costs and potential downtime, May not be suited to certain thermally sensitive materials.   Professionals in the field of plastic injection molding should be your primary resource for determining the best injection molding system for your project. Look for injection molders who are familiar with all types of plastics processing. They will be able to provide you with a cost/benefit analysis of the various systems available based on the part and the material used.   If you need high quality custom plastic injection molding, but you can't find a good plastic injection mold company, please do not hesitate to contact PTMS, for more details please visit our website ptms-mold.com, we have much experience in plastic injection mold making and injection molding, RFQ send to sales@ptms-mold.com, thank you very much for your attention!

  • Hot Runner Injection Molding System
    Hot Runner Injection Molding System

    Plastic injection molding is very widely used in many aspects, because it is very useful for people’s life. Today we will discuss some data about hot rubber molding system with people who like injection molding industry.   Hot runner molds consist of 2 plates that are heated with a manifold system. The manifold sends the melted plastic to nozzles which fill the part cavities. There are several types of hot runner systems, however, in general, they fall into two main categories; externally heated and internally heated.     The externally heated systems are well suited to polymers that are sensitive to thermal variations.  Internally heated systems offer better flow control. The hot runner process eliminates runners entirely, so recycling and regrind (which can only be done with virgin plastics) do not impact cycle times. A variation of this system is called an insulated runner. The insulation, rather than heat, keeps the plastic in a molten state. This system can only accommodate a few types of plastics, specifically semi-crystalline polymers which have a low thermal conductivity.   If you need high quality custom plastic injection molding, but you can't find a good plastic injection mold company, please do not hesitate to contact PTMS, for more details please visit our website ptms-mold.com, we have much experience in plastic injection mold making and injection molding, RFQ send to sales@ptms-mold.com, thank you very much for your attention!

  • Happy New Year Greeting - PTMS
    Happy New Year Greeting - PTMS

    2018 is coming! Today is the first day of this new year, our company, PTMS as an professional plastic injection mold company in china, we have much experience in plastic injection mold making and injection molding, we gave valuable injection mold and injection molding solution to our customers, we would like to think our customer for supporting our job in 2017!   In the new year, we wish all the best for our customers, meanwhile, our company will make much more value for our customers. If somebody needs high quality injection mold and injection molding, please send us RFQ to sales@ptms-mold.com, for more details about our factory, you can visit our website ptms-mold.com.   Happy New Year to all the worldwide people! Wish all people good luck in 2018!

Mold Making

PTMS specialized in high quality plastic precision injection mold making since 2002, all mold makers are 5-15 years experience on mold making and very experience for USA, Europe, Australia, Japan standard in HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, JIS and LKM or enterprise injection mold standard.


We have many advanced machines for mold making,CNC Machines such as 10 sets CNC machine, 4 sets Wire Cutting Machine, 2 sets Slow Wire Cutting Machine, 12 sets Milling Machine, 8 sets Grinding Machine, 15 sets EDM machine and Mirror EDM Machine, Auto Grinding Machines, MAG Grinding Machines, Polishing Machines and etc. Also outside good supply chain allows our experienced mold makers to meet compressed lead times while maintaining our reputation for quality injection mold. From single cavity & prototype injection mold to multi-cavity and family injection mold, mold maker are fully equipped to meet your unique tooling challenges. Our mold making shop is geared to work with injection molds from the small to medium to big size range, i.e. injection mold that are designed to run in presses of 800 tons and smaller.

Mold Making

Mold Making ShopWe just choose good mold components partner to work, such as LKM mold base, Mold Master, Gunther and etc, it makes sure the high quality mold components at the first time. The mold maker also check related important dimensions of mold base, cavity, core, inserts, lifter, electrodes, the mold designer have a meeting and discuss with mold makers about production every days, they will solve some questions in mold making, project manager also give some valuable comments to the mold makers. If you want to know plastic injection mold gallery please check our product gallery site.

We keep in touch with customers during mold making and discuss some problems with them, we also send customers CPP (CRITICAL PATH PLANNING) to show mold making plan progress and actual progress. Normally mold making progress like as Mold Detail design-Material preparation-Mold base received-Cavity processing-Core processing-Electrode-EDM & Wire Cut-Slide/lifter processing-Moldbase processing-Final fitting-Polishing-First Shot+Sample-FAI Report, we will send the first samples to customers for check and we will modify the mold if some questions, but normally our first molding parts samples will be perfect, that’s to say, our mold making capacity is very strong!


PTMS work with a variety of injection mold configurations and a summary of available options can be found here, Mold Types as below:

Prototypes Injection Mold       Multi-Cavity Injection Mold         Family Injection Mold
Unscrewing Injection Mold     Over-molding Injection Mold      Hot Runner Injection Mold
Die-Casting Mold                      Silicone Compression Mold        Thermoset Compression Mold


We have advanced mold making machines and project team who have much experience in mold making industry, they can control mold making cost in a reasonable range, also obtain maximum production, minimum cycle time and prolonged mold life. All the jobs we make are just for high quality custom and precision plastic injection mold.

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