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  • What Products are Made from Injection Molding?
    What Products are Made from Injection Molding?

    Many plastic parts used in many products, so plastic parts is very popular, but nobody know how the plastic parts produce, in the fact, the plastic parts is made by plastic injection mold, the plastic parts is also called plastic injection molding or injection molding.   Injection moulding is used to create many things such as wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, automotive parts and components, pocket combs, some musical instruments (and parts of them), one-piece chairs and small tables, storage containers, mechanical parts (including gears), and most other plastic products.   PTMS is a china plastic injection mold company, we can make top quality plastic moulds as customers’ drawings or design, also we are china injection molding undercut manufacturer, for more details please visit web ptms-mold.com. We would like to share more and more injection molding knowledge with the worldwide people.

  • Injection Molding Defects
    Injection Molding Defects

    As a china injection molding exporter, PTMS always provide high quality custom plastic injection mold and custom moulding for the worldwide people, but at the first injection molding testing, there will be some defect plastic parts.   How the defected injection molding happened? Let us tell you some details, some defected parts is caused by injection mold flash, because some times injection molds have some a little flash, that is to say, molding flash occurs when a thin layer of material is forced out of the mold cavity at the parting line or ejector pins location. This excess material remains attached to the molded article, and normally has to be manually removed. Some reason as: worn or poorly fitting cavity or mold plates, Including, mold plate deformations and obstructions (grease, dirt, debris).   How to solve such problem? The mold making team must pay more attention to the injection mold making, besides, the engineer should have good solution for injection mold layout and other facts. PTMS has much experience in plastic injection mold making, for more details please visit our website ptms-mold.com, RFQ for project please send to sales@ptms-mold.com. 

  • Disadvantages of Injection Molding
    Disadvantages of Injection Molding

    Many people know the advantages of injection molding, such as fast production, low labor costs and etc, but do you know the disadvantages of injection molding? PTMS as a professional injection molding manufacturer in China, we have much experience in injection mold making and injection molding manufacturing, such as over injection molding, double color injection molding, injection molding with metal insert, etc.   So we would like to sharing some more advantages of injection molding for you, such as high-output production, multiple materials can be used at the same time, can be used to produce very small parts, reduced requirements for finishing, etc. The disadvantages of injection molding as: High initial tooling and machinery cost, Part design restrictions, Small runs of parts can be costly.   If you need high quality custom plastic injection molding, but you can't find a good plastic injection mold company, please do not hesitate to contact PTMS, we have much experience in plastic injection mold making and injection molding, for more please visit ptms-mold.com and RFQ send to sales@ptms-mold.com, thank you very much for your attention!   In the matter of the fact, there are many other advantages for injection molding, PTMS would like to discuss more about injection molding if you like, we can learn from each other, thanks for checking!

  • How Does Injection Molding Work?
    How Does Injection Molding Work?

    Plastic parts are widely used in many aspects, because it’s very easy to use and very safely and comfortable for people’s life, so plastic injection molding is very important for producing plastic parts, but just a little people know injection molding work, most do not know it, because just people who work in injection molding industry know it, so we will sharing this to you.   Material for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and forced into a mould cavity, where it cures and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. Moulds are typically made from metal, usually either steel or aluminium, and precision-machined to form the features of the part. They may need to split in a variety of ways to eject the finished part, or locate inserts that are bonded into the product. Most elastomeric thermoset polymers can be injection moulded, although custom compounding may be required in order to facilitate the process. Since 1995, looking across the entire range of thermoplastics, resins and thermoset types, the total number of available materials for injection moulding has increased dramatically at a rate of 750 per year. There were already approximately 18,000 materials available when that trend began, and injection moulding remains one of the most useful industrial processes ever invented.   PTMS as a professional plastic injection mold company in china, always provide customers custom plastic injection mold and custom injection molding, for more visit ptms-mold.com, PTMS would like to sharing other injection molding issue to people who are interested in plastic injection moulding, please give us feedback to sales@ptms-mold.com of some issue.

PTMS always provide customers high quality, reasonable price plastic injection mold and injection molding parts. We also improve ourselves each day and want to be one of the famous injection mold maker in the world. We would like to help more and more companies with injection mold and precision molding parts.


Every people from president to common employee are very responsible for their jobs, our company has strict check-up system for each people, so oversea salesmen try their best to develop business, project team are conscientious for mold design, mold making team are conscientious to make mold. PTMS team is very responsible for injection mold making and precision molding parts production.

Working skills

We train every people skill and ask them to make quality as the first important job, every people would like to care their jobs quality, below are the procedure for customers’ reference:

1. Mold Design

Mold Designer will check customers’ 2D/3D drawings and other related data carefully, also they will communicate with customers for drawings, project engineer also give customers’ valuable suggestions on part design and mold making based on the data, because some customers are not familiar with mold design. So we would provide them excellent solution to save lots cost on mold making and molding parts production.

2. Mold Making

We just choose good partner to work, such as LKM mold base, MoldMaster, Gunther and ect, so we can control the quality effectively. We would check related important dimensions of mold base, cavity, core, inserts, lifter, electrodes. The EDM technician will check every electrodes before EDM processing, the mold maker technician would check all the mold components follow parts drawing before mold testing, before mold shipment, our QC, Mold Designer, Project Engineer and Mold Maker have a meeting, they would check all the mold components approval, care about mold appearance and put mold spec, user manual into package box, we make FAL report with customers' drawing dimension and care about the appearance of metal parts before shipment, QC would check and put FAL report into package box. After the all jobs, the tooling will be shipped to our customers.

3. Injection Molding

Our QC and Project Engineer will check related dimensions which customer approval and plastic part’s appearance, then make instruction documents with signature approval samples for mass production. Every injection molding operator would follow that to do mass production. Before package, QC would spot-check 5-10 pcs samples of each boxes, and before shipment QC would care about the package appearance, then ship to customers.


We always provide customer high quality injection mold and molding parts as their requirements, but sometimes just a little fault will appear when mold design, mold making, injection molding, shipping and etc because of something, but the defective rate is just 0.01%, below are some conditions for your reference:

1. Mold Design

We will design new mold free of charge if the fault is made by us, but we can also re-design it free of charge if a small fault by customers sometimes, design fee will be collected if big fault by customers.

2. Mold Making

We will modify the mold free of charge if fault by us, but we can also modify it free of charge if small fault by customers, modified fee will be collected if big fault by customers. But in the fact, PTMS invest much money on mold modification, even invest much money on new mold making, just want to provide high quality mold to customer, also high quality molding parts, we don't care money loss, just for long time business partner and give value to customers.

3. Injection Molding

We will produce new injection molding parts free of charge if fault by us, but we can also produce small qty if small fault by customers, new injection molding parts production fee will be collected if big fault by customers. Beside we just choose good plastic resin suppliers to work, make sure high quality materials.

But PTMS always reduce the fault and we have a solution for high quality injection molding parts. We will provide new part which reaches the standard 100% free of charge, but customers have to give us the inspection instruction document. Normally in our production procedure customer needs approval the samples and signature on it, send to us for quality control spec, than we will do the mass production accordingly.

CertificationSira Certification

PTMS is an ISO9001-2008 system certificated manufacturer, so we have very strict Quality Control on mold and molding. We always see the Quality is the life line and development base of the company, so we can provide customized inspection services to meet each customer specific requirements, with the capacity to measure both injection mold components and final plastic parts in depth.

Inspection equipments

All components of injection mold and molded precision plastic parts are fully-qualified by our good inspection equipment and QC system.

Inspection Equipments as below:
CMM 800*600 USA 1set
Projector China 1set
2DMI China 1set
Micro Glass 10times and 15times China 2sets
Height Altimeter Mitutoyo Japan 2sets
Block gauge Mitutoyo Japan 1set
Pin Guage Mitutoyo Japan 1set
L-Square Mitutoyo Japan 5sets
Callipers Mitutoyo 0-150/0-200/0-300 Japan 20sets
Micrometer Mitutoyo 0-50/0-100 Japan 10sets
Salt Spray China 1set for Laboratory
Drying Box China 1setCPP
Hardness China 1set

Quality system report as below:

FAI Report-First Article Inspection Report for Molded Plastic Samples
SPC Report-Steady production control For Injection Molding Production
CPK Report for Injection Molding Production
CMK Report for Injection Molding Production
SGS Report for plastic parts
RoHS Report for plastic parts

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