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  • Toy Mold Silicone Rubber Exporter
    Toy Mold Silicone Rubber Exporter

    Our company is injection molding factory in china, besides, PTMS can produce top quality silicone rubber molding that used in many different industries. Nowadays silicone molding is widely used in all kinds of toy set, so if you need one cheap toy mold silicone rubber exporter, please contact us by sales@ptms-mold.com, for more please visit www.ptms-mold.com. We have some advanced machines for silicone rubber compression mold making and silicone rubber compression molding, such as high speed CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Grinder, silicone molding machines from 50-100ton. The workers have 5-10 years experience in operating machines, it is one important aspect to make high quality silicone rubber mold and silicone rubber molding parts.

  • Precision Silicone Molded Parts
    Precision Silicone Molded Parts

    Precision silicone molded parts are used in many industries, PTMS is one professional silicone rubber compression molding factory in china, we have produced many kinds of silicone molding to the customers, such as silicone keypad, silicone automotive key case, silicone rubber bottle sleeves, silicone bottle cap, silicone sealing gasket, silicone phone holder, rubber cover and etc.   Why silicone rubber molding are so popular? Because some advantages: 1. The short lead time for the compression mold manufacturing, normally it is less than 15 days, but sometimes we can make out the molds within 5-8 days. 2. The single cavity silicone mold cost is about 2% cost of the injection mold for rubber molding and 10% cost of the mass production compression mold cost. 3. It is easier to make the rubber product undercut with compression molding. 4. It is easier to have the over molding and insert molding. 5. It has the various color rubber parts manufacturing without additional charge. Our website www.ptms-mold.com, feel free to contact us via sales@ptms-mold.com for silicone molding projects.

  • China Injection Silicone Rubber Manufacturer
    China Injection Silicone Rubber Manufacturer

    PTMS is a china injection silicone rubber manufacturer and injection molding factory, we have provided many top quality silicone molding and injection molding to our clients many years. Our silicone rubber mold makers have much experience in silicone rubber mold making. We can make single cavity and muti cavity based on customers’ request, the steel of core and cavity is imported from German and Japan, its include P20, 2311, H13, 2344, 236, AdC3, S136, 2312, 2379, 2316, 2083, etc. The mold base include HASCO standard, European standard, World standard. The mold base materials we used are LKM, HASCO, DME, etc. The surface finish as Texture and high gloss polishing. Do you need china silicone rubber molding manufacturer? Please feel free to contact us by sales@ptms-mold.com.

  • China Silicone Mould Suppliers
    China Silicone Mould Suppliers

    How to find top quality china silicone mould suppliers? They can help you with all kinds of silicone mold making according to the 3D drawings. Normally the main business should include custom plastic injection mold, custom injection molding, casting and silicone rubber compression molding. A good silicone mold factory should have advanced machines and professional employers, PTMS have some advanced machines for silicone rubber compression mold making and silicone rubber compression molding, such as high speed CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Grinder, silicone molding machines from 50-100ton. The workers have 5-10 years experience in operating machines, it is one important aspect to make high quality silicone rubber mold and silicone rubber molding parts. please send us e-mail to sales@ptms-mold.com if you have some questions.


At PTMS, our team has a fair working environment – custom plastic injection mold designing, plastic injection mold making and china custom injection molding in plastic industry for Automotive, Home Appliance, Medical, Printer, Plastic Tooling, Defense and Electronics. Our shop also provides die-casting mold, die-casting parts, metal stamping, CNC machining parts and etc. We are an ISO9001-2008 certified professional China plastic injection mold maker. We take a human management and employee can get what they want based on ability, valuable job for hard working people. We always try to create a positive work environment on work skill training and improving comprehensive level, such as business communication, advanced Auto CAD, 3D Design, mold making technical, customized injection molding technical, working procedure, quality control and project management.

We are very concerned about the development of the employees and many key people are developed in PTMS, so we can make value to our employees that include salary and position improved. The employees lived a happy life due to hard working and make value to company, the key managers work for PTMS is about 15 years, the key employees of plastic injection mold making team work in company is 10 year at least, the normal employees work in PTMS is more than 8 years. We try to provide a clean, comfortable and safe working environment to employees, air conditionings or big fans make rather cool working place, enough mineral water for health, dine together some times and some activities, such as swimming ,climbing, fishing and etc. So every people work in our company is happy, friendly, cooperating and innovation. As a professional china plastic custom injection mold manufacturer since 2002, we have made rather big contribution for the worldwide customers due to all employees work hard, they focus on high quality products and perfect service. PTMS is your honest project partner in China.

Current Employment Opportunities:Career at PTMS

The company:

PTMS is a China privately owned custom plastic injection mold company since 2002. PTMS is located in the famous reform and opening-up coastal city -Shenzhen,China. We have 5 shops running now, much experience project team, advanced plastic injection mold making machines, auto plastic injection molding machines, etc. So we have rather capacity to offer the worldwide customers. The company is very strict to products quality, ISO quality system certificated and perfect service is the foundation of success, so it is worthy for employees to join.

Sales Representative for USA, Europe and Australia


Negotiate business and make order on internet.

Handle customer phone calls and emails

Send quotation to customers for check

Post sales and quote follow up

Attend trade shows or sales meetings

Responsible for contributing to a positive and productive work environment

Support ISO Quality System, Quality Policy and Continuous Improvement efforts

Understand competitive landscape and accurately message company differentiators and value


Comply with the various rules and regulations

Keep trade secrets for company and customer

Proficient computer skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work independently

With strong compression capability

With a strong ability to learn

With a strong ability to summarize

Must be able to plan and prioritize work


Associates degree or higher preferred

Previous customer service or technical experience preferred

Minimum of 1 year sales experience preferred

Other Careers Opportunities:Join PTMS

1). Mold Designer, 5 years working experience, make good part analysis, familiar with mold standard, such as LKM, HOSCO, DME and etc.

2). Product Designer, familiar with market, has the ability to discover new products for selling.

3). R&D Partner in the world, research new product and develop it, make value to customers.

How to apply:

Anyone in oversea interested in the above careers or join in our team please feel free to send Email to info@ptms-mold.com or call us at +86-755-29708636.

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