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PTMS as a China plastic injection mold maker and custom injection molding manufacturer, our engineers are experienced more than 15 years and 80% of engineers were working in Multi-National Corporations, so we can provide excellent plastic part design, complete injection mold design, die-casting mold design, mold making and engineering (Mold-Flow Analysis) service to the worldwide customers.

Custom Injection Mold Design

2D Injection Mold DesignThe engineers design mainly focus on function, appearance and ergonomics, also they will consider part materials, design requirements and manufacturing challenges, so the design will be moldable and manufacturability for customers’ need. Also our engineers will fully support the customers’ projects till it’s finished.

We use the most advanced software to design mold and make engineer service, the software include Auto Cad, UG-NX, Pro-E, Master Cam, Power Mill, Mold Flow. Each Plastic Injection Mold is designed 2D/3D solid, providing complete digital representations for mold making and ensuring proper integration of all injection mold components. Using a 2D/3D model eliminates many of the traditional steps in the injection mold manufacturing process. We can design excellent mold drawing if customers sent us the part’s drawings which include DWG, DXF, UG, Pro-E, Solid works, IGES, STP, X_T format 2D and 3D data. Our engineers make plastic injection mold design and die-casting mold design according to HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, LKM standard.

Injection Mold Making Analysis

Moldflow Analsis For Plastic PartsMold-Flow Analysis is very important for mold design and molding making, we will make these analysis for design, such as Fill Simulations, Shrink or Warp Analysis, Fiber Orientation, Shear Stress Analysis, Weld Line Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, SLA/SLS Models, Rapid Prototyping, Process Development, translation with major CAD programs through IGES, STEP, DWG and DXF format, we will send DFM Report to customers for checking before mold design, also include some valuable suggestions for part and mold making.

The engineers can also design metal parts into plastic parts if customers need, just convert metal material into plastic resin, we also design plastic injection mold instead of CNC machining metal parts, it will make much benefits to customers, such as lower cost, light weight, weather resistance, no rusting or denting and etc. We have experienced engineers and advanced software to provide moldable and manufacturability mold design for custom plastic injection mold making.

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