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Mold Making
Injection mold designing, injection mold making and specialty tooling has been the backbone of our business since our inception in 2002.We apply our decade of expertise in producing precision injection mold. We are particularly adept at tooling for Automotive, Printer, Weapons. Medical,Connector Parts.
We own 10 CNC machines, 4 wire cut, 2 Slow Wire Cuts, 12 milling machines, 8 grinding machines, 15 EDM machines and outside good supply chain allows our experienced mold makers to meet compressed lead times while maintaining our reputation for quality injection mold. From single cavity & prototype injection mold to multi-cavity and family injection mold, Mold maker are fully equipped to meet your unique tooling challenges. Our mold making shop is geared to work with injection molds from the small to medium to big size range, i.e. injection mold that are designed to run in presses of 800 tons and smaller.
PTMS mold makers works with a variety of injection mold configurations and a summary of available options can be found here, Mold Types:
Prototypes Injection Mold Multi-Cavity Injection Mold  Family Injection Mold
Unscrewing Injection Mold Overmolding Injection Mold Hot Runner Injection Mold
Die-Casting  Mold Silicone Compression Mold Thermoset Compression Mold
Injection Mold Standard: HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, JIS, LKM
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