PTMS have the capability to provide perfect plastic injection molding service to the worldwide people, because we have accumulated much experience in injection molding services since 2002. Besides, as an ISO9001-2008 system certificated company, we also provide the related service which include silicone molding, die-casting and etc.

PTMS is a custom plastic injection molding company specializing in transforming concepts into products. We provide custom-tailored injection molding services and production solutions that exceed expectations through our dynamic, driven, and experienced professionals. Our state-of-the-art facility uses cutting-edge technology to create the most accurate and efficient custom molds with the highest quality standards. With over several years of experience, we are truly dedicated and passionate about creating custom molded parts & assemblies for your finished product. Let our plastic injection mold tooling help you bring your ideas to reality.

Clients Reviews

Our company work with PTMS near 10 years.
During this time we realize many projects and we are fully satisfied.
For each project we give to PTMS only sketch (we dont have own designers), PTMS realize design, mold production and parts production for us.
We visit company many times and see how business grow, so i understand the reason – PTMS is very professional, friendly, responsive company.
Few years ago then i visit PTMS i see in office a poster on the wall: “Quality is main target”, and it is not only words – it is principle of life, we can confirm it.

D G, Moscow, Russia

Our company started to deal with PTMS since 2011.
Since beginning PTMS provided our company by the professional services and personal attention.
Most of our orders consisting on the different parts made by plastic, rubber, aluminum, brass, steel etc.
And many of our parts required not only molding, but also 2nd/3rd operation, which make its production more complicated.
PTMS always analyses our part’s design attentively before mold making and may suggest improvements of part’s design for avoiding of any possible problems during parts production. Now we consider PTMS as highly reliable partner, who is able to reach very high quality for production of any kind parts and components, even most difficult of its design and of high-quality control requirements.

R S L, Cordoba, Spain