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PTMS – Custom Plastic Injection Mold and China Custom Injection Molding Company in Plastic Industry

The manufacturers you choose for your injection mold projects should make valuable solution for your enterprise. PTMS is a professional custom plastic injection mold company and custom plastic injection parts supplier in China. As an ISO9001-2008 certified plastic injection moulder, we offer an one-stop service include excellent engineering, plastic injection mold making, close-tolerance injection molding, tooling manufacturing, precision machining and prototype for product pre-check services for a complete custom manufacturing experience. In business since 2002, we offer valuable solution from plastic mould design to injection molding parts assembly and our products are widely used in Automotive, Home Appliance, Medical, Printer, Plastic Tooling, Defense and Electronics industries, some of our customers are from Toshiba, TDI-Arms, BMW and etc. Our company always provide high quality products with reasonable price and perfect service to the worldwide customers.

  • Plastic Injection Mold Making

    What is high quality plastic injection mold? We specialized in plastic injection mold making since 2002, the mold standard include HASCO, DME, JIS, LKM and etc.

    Plastic Injection Mold Making

    What is high quality plastic injection mold?

  • Plastic Injection Molding Parts

    What is our advantage in injection molding? We have advanced auto plastic injection molding machines and experienced team so make sure high quality molding.

    Plastic Injection Molding Parts

    What is our advantage in injection molding?

  • Die Casting Parts

    What is top quality die-casting parts? We always produce high quality custom die-casting parts for Aluminum, Zinc parts and Magnesium for our clients since 2012.

    Die Casting Parts

    What is quality die casting parts?

Why Choose Us?

PTMS as a professional China plastic injection mold company, we always provide one-stop service in plastic mould design, plastic injection mold making, china custom injection molding and others to the worldwide customers. There are many China custom plastic injection parts suppliers in ShenZhen but not all companies can provide valuable solution. China Custom Injection Molding PTMS can make excellent mold design as customers’ requested and provide innovative solutions based on a varied industry experience. We sign NDA (non-disclosure agreements) with customers and protect patent or all intellectual property rights. Mold making with high quality component parts and advanced machines, as an ISO9001-2008 system certificated manufacturer, our mold makers are experience 5-15 years on plastic injection mold making and very experience for USA, Europe, Australia, Japan standard in HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, JIS, LKM or enterprise injection mold standard. They can control mold making cost in a reasonable range, also obtain maximum production, minimum cycle time and prolonged mold life. We choose certified plastic resin- FDA, ISO, ROHS, REACH, NSF, so the quality of materials is good,customized plastic injection molding parts production by auto machines, the injection molding team have much experience in custom moulding and control the cost, we also have advanced inspection equipments and QC technicians, high or low volume is available for us, our product qualification rate is 99.9% and delivery time is very punctual. We can also make second operation for molding parts, such as printing, painting and plating as customer's needs. Some of our customers are from ATA, Toshiba, TDI-Arms, BMW, Mindray and etc. Die Casting Tooling China We also have production shop for customized die-casting mold and die-casting parts, the materials include aluminum, zinc and magnesium. Advanced die-casting machines, experienced workers, QC dept, so all makes high quality die-casting with reasonable price, we also produce prototypes, CNC machining parts, metal stamping as customers’ need. We can also make second operation for metal parts, such as printing, painting and plating as customer's needs. A set of perfect service We can provide customers perfect service during the process of projects. Our sales staff graduated from university, they have fluent writing and oral English, much negotiation skills in business, friendly and work hard, meanwhile, good cooperating with project team and others. So they can help customers if any questions and remind project team to solve issues as soon as they can. We have a good project team, our project manager was working 10 more years in 3 multi-national corporations which from Japan, United States and Deutschland. Meanwhile, other managers had 8-15 years experience in multi-national companies, so they can provide perfect service for mold making and make sure accurate delivery date. Our custom injection molding shop can make mass production by auto injection molding machines on time. Meanwhile, we can offer second operation for molding parts, such as printing, painting and plating as customer's needs. We can also provide R&D and assembly service to customers. We have a friendly, hard working, cooperating and innovation team so provide a full perfect service to the worldwide customers. PTMS can provide high quality china custom injection molding with reasonable price, perfect service to customers, so if you need custom plastic injection mold, china custom injection molding, die-casting, CNC machining parts, metal stamping, second operation, assembly and etc, you can choose PTMS – an influential china plastic injection mold company in customized injection molding industry.

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Request For Quote

PTMS as a professional China injection molding undercut manufacturer, if you need top quality custom injection molding please feel free to send us RFQ, we will study the projects and give you valuable solution in 24 hours. 1. Contact us at sales@ptms-mold.com. Please send the drawings by e-mail or send us your Cloud Storage to download the 2D/3D drawings if big files, we can open DWG, DXF, UG, Pro-E, Solidworks, IGES, STP, X_T format 2D and 3D data. 2. Fill out the Request for Quote frame: Company Name Contact Person* · Please complete this mandatory field. E-mail* · Please complete this mandatory field. We will never sell your email address to others or send you spam. We just send you e-mail about business information for your project. Phone Number Inquiry Description* · Please complete this mandatory field. High or low volume plastic injection mold/molding parts can be accepted. Attach a Document or file. (Max 50MB) Select file (DWG, DXF, IGES, STP, X_T format 2D/3D data) Submit Your RFQ

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