Die Casting

PTMS invested a die cast shop in 2012 and we have much experience in metals die cast. This production line is good for customers who need some metal parts in projects.

There are many advanced die casting machines in our shop, such as 4 sets Aluminum casting machines, 2 sets Magnesium casting machines, 4 sets Zinc casting machines and 10 sets CNC machines and etc. The workers have 5-15 years experiences in operating machines.

We have good working team in this shop, 5 CNC programmers, 10 CNC operators, 1 Wire Cutting technicians, 10 technicians for other machines, 20 technicians for casting machines, 10 makers, 3 QC people, 2 PMC people, 8 clerks, etc. so total 80 people.

The shop focus on making kinds of metal casting as requirement, the main materials includes aluminum, zinc and Magnesium.We will make die cast based on 2D/3D drawings which include

Die Casting

Die Casting

Auto-CAD (NX, Master CAM) for CAM, Solid works, NX, Pro-E. The metal parts samples are available if no drawings, the engineer will make 3D design according to the samples. The mold materials include steel 45#, 50#, 60#, P20, 718, 2083, SKD61, etc.

Besides, our shop can make good surface treatment for casting parts, which include polished chrome plating, painting, PVC powder coating, oiled (rust-proof), zinc, nickel, chrome plating sandblasting and etc.

The shop can control metals die cast cost and quality, the standard includes HASCO, LKM, DME and etc. its application will be automotive, electronic industrial, hardware, consumer, army and etc. We also have some famous clients who come from HTC, Samsung, Huawei and  ZTC.