Plastic Parts

Our Collection of Plastic Injection Molded Parts

As an ISO9001-2008-certified company established in 2002, we have many years of service and experience under our belt. We’ve catered to many giants in different industries and continue to uphold our high standards. Our collection of injection molded parts has grown exponentially over the years thanks to our loyal customers, ever-expanding customer base, and a team of dedicated workers.

PTMS is a leader in injection molded part production, delivering top-notch quality and efficiency to our customers. Our injection molded parts are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of each project. With the ability to develop plastic molded parts from engineering-grade resins to injection molding, PTMS ensures that all our injection molded parts are formed and function perfectly within the application. Whether you need plastic injection molded parts for automotive, industrial, aerospace, or other applications, PTMS can provide high-quality and creative solutions that meet your requirements.

Normally, the size ranges of the parts is from 2mmx5mmx2mm to 1000mmx1000mmx300mm, and the weight ranges is from 0.35g to 2000g, meanwhile, the accuracy is +/-0.01mm, +/-0.001mm can also be provided if special requests, we can also make other special customized parts according to customers’ requests. All our hard work and success are a testament to their efforts. With their consistent performance, we’ve managed to expand our plastic parts gallery and incorporate everything from holders, covers, and handles to brackets and cases.

PTMS offers a top-of-the-line plastic injection molding service to match your needs. Our cutting-edge machinery produces high-quality plastic injection molded parts that benefit your business. We understand that each customer has unique specifications, so we take pride in creating individualized plastic injection molded parts designed specifically for application. From concept through completion, our experienced specialists provide the expert knowledge necessary to ensure parts exceed the expectations of our valued customers. When you choose PTMS for plastic injection molded services, you can be confident in our quality products and solutions.