Product Assembly

PTMS invested 1 secondary operation shop for painting, printing and assembly according to customers’ need in 2011. The shop can provide painting for plastic parts or metal parts, product assembly, package, etc.

We invested 2nd operation processing shop but our capability is limited so we have to choose good 2nd operation processing plants in Shenzhen, our assembly shop is very strict with the 2nd operation processing partners, they should have much experience in plating and EVA package and others. We got a good partner for EMI plating as vacuum plating factory in 2012 and can provide good vacuum plating.

We have 2nd operation processing shop but we can’t provide all services to customers, so our company subcontracts service to the partners for customer if needed. The other 2nd operation processing service include laser printing for plastic parts or metal parts, hot printing for plastic parts or metal parts, plating for plastic parts or metal parts, clean room 100K class, complex product assembly, etc.

Assembly Line

Product Assembly Line

Our 2nd operation processing plants are very experienced in printing, plating and laser printing, etc. The plants are very honest to PTMS, because we are long time business partner for many projects and they can control the quality and the total cost in a reasonable range, they have experienced QC technicians and many advanced inspection equipment, QC can inspect the parts and defective parts will be taken out so PTMS can make additional service and make much more value for customers.