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Plastic injection molding services made easy at PTMS — the finest injection molding company in Basel

A great injection mold price is only worth it if it’s backed up with the design, robustness, and quality you need to be able to run your mold at speed. With PTMS, you get an incredible injection mold quality that helps you meet your specific project goals at a price that keeps you globally competitive. By running at the speed in the press you want it to run in, your mold can easily exceed your injection molding part manufacturing and revenue goals.

At PTMS, we offer consistent, high-quality injection parts from one production run to another — that’s exactly what your product needs to succeed in the market. As the leading injection molding company in Basel, we fully understand your demands and the quality you expect. We have injection molding solutions to match your project needs.

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We offer top-notch injection molded parts in Basel

PTMS is a company committed to custom plastic injection molding solutions that build top-of-the-line injection molded products, including custom products, pharmaceutical applicators, plastic lids, etc. We provide timely deliveries and build an atmosphere of continuous improvement where every employee strives to satisfy both internal and external customers.

PTMS understands that in today’s world, you need a partner that upholds high manufacturing standards, offers fantastic customer service, and is knowledgeable within your industry. Our team of skilled engineers will work with you from the start throughout your project’s lifetime. Here’s why companies choose us:


Our engineers design for manufacturability — they have developed proficiency in the field from years of manufacturing products with diverse design requirements, an enormous range of materials, and dealing with various production challenges. Our engineers offer full support to our customers in every stage of the project. As one of the best providers of injection molded parts in Basel, we’re detail-oriented to the specifications of every project and deliver a fully moldable design.

In-house tooling

Our toolmakers set us apart from the standard injection molding manufacturer by helping us reduce turnaround times on new production.

Secondary operations

By keeping secondary operations in-house, we’re able to offer our customers high-quality products at an affordable price. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with modern technologies and strict quality control requirements.

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