Injection Molding Chicago

From concept to distribution, the injection molding manufacturer at PTMS get it done

PTMS can take your idea from design to distribution!

We’re a leading injection molding company in Chicago that can take your organization’s design, production, and distribution to the next level. We aim to make it possible to design, produce, store, and distribute products in Chicago at internationally competitive prices. Consequently, we can take your concept from sketch to reality.

Whether your product is only a concept, an improvement on an existing part or product, or is currently being manufactured, but you’re working with several vendors from design to distribution, PTMS is here to streamline the process for you.

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Get injection molded parts from the finest injection molding company in Chicago

Make the move from prototyping to on-demand production for high-quality, affordable injection molded parts in Chicago within days. Working with a single supplier like PTMS that offers free design consultation services makes qualification a breeze, allows for more consistent parts and greater supply chain flexibility, and massively speeds up the manufacturing process.

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Here’s why companies choose us:

Design for manufacturing

All quotes include design analysis and real-time pricing. We assess your CAD designs and help spot features that may pose problems during the injection molding process, like insufficient draft and difficult-to-machine undercuts.

Injection molding expertise

We’ll work with you throughout your project to help you swiftly move from prototyping to production, including inspection reporting and finishing options.

No MOQs (minimum order quantities)

Procuring parts on demand, without MOQs, helps you manage demand/market volatility and offers a cost-effective source for product customization, end-of-life production, line-down emergencies, and bridge production.

Unrivaled lead times

PTMS helps you reduce your product development cycle by weeks (or even months). With us as your partner, get injection molded parts in Chicago within a matter of days.

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Our injection molded parts in Chicago offer a variety of advantages

At PTMS, our injection molding process can manufacture high-quality plastic parts at scale. While it’s usually used for both low and bulk production, our tooling process can make prototyping runs economical.

Here are the advantages you get with our injection molding manufacturer:

  • Large selection of thermoset and thermoplastic materials
  • Low scrap rate
  • Intricate parts
  • Repeatable
  • Flawless surface finish and part cosmetics
  • Low cost at greater volumes

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