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Get the best plastic injection molding services in New York

For over two decades, PTMS has been a leading manufacturer of all sorts of injection molded parts — thanks to our one-stop facility. We aim to offer a convenient, single source for all your plastic injection molding needs in New York. With our diverse range of injection molding equipment, we can handle all of your injection molding projects.

At PTMS, we have industry experts producing high-quality plastic products and are proud to provide full-service product distribution, convenient assembly, and logistics services to streamline your production process and help you keep your company on track. Our top-of-the-line plastic injection molding services can help you increase your product quality, cut marketing time, reduce overheads, and save money. This is why we’re the injection molding manufacturer of choice for businesses across the US.

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Our mission has always been to help our clients produce as many quality products as possible for their needs in different shapes and sizes.

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Looking for the finest injection molded parts in the US? PTMS can help

When you choose PTMS, your satisfaction is our main priority. We work around the clock to meet your order requirements. With hundreds of employees and 24/7 operation, we have both management experience and plastic injection molding capabilities to ensure your project is properly executed. We’re an all-in-one facility that can handle injection mold design, injection parts production, assembly, packaging and more. PTMS is proud to deliver worry-free, turnkey results to customers around the US.

At PTMS, we understand that plastic injection molding is an intricate process that touches all facets of our life every single day. For example, every time you get in your car, you’re using something made through injection molding. PTMS houses every kind of machine so that you can be confident that we have the equipment you need for your needs. Whether you’re looking to build a prototype for an entirely new product or need to produce injection molded parts for your business, PTMS is here to help you every step of the way — that’s why we’re considered a leader among plastic injection molding companies across New York.

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