Injection Molding Zurich

Looking for injection molding manufacturers in Zurich? Don’t look further than PTMS

Custom injection molding is perfect for plastic products where success depends on accomplishing specific aesthetic or mechanical features. PTMS is driven by the main goal of helping companies manufacture the finest plastic parts. As a leading injection molding company in Zurich, we’re well-versed in manufacturing complex parts — and design challenges stoke our desire to innovate for you. Involving us early will allow us to add value to the design process.

Here’s why companies choose us:

Material variety

Choose from hundreds of materials, engineering, and commodity resins. We’ll help you balance price and performance and recommend alternative materials to reduce costs.

Superior performance

By application of process controls, analytical tools, design principles, and material science, our plastic injection molding experts work hard to understand your part’s intended function and meet your core objectives.

plastic injection molding production

High efficiency

Plastic injection molding is an extremely efficient process. We engineer unnecessary costs out of your tool and part. Our long-tenured molding experts and design engineers excel at this.

Detailed features

We consider functional or aesthetic details to build your brand: varied hardness, flexible hinges, snap fits, in-mold decorating, textured or cosmetic surfaces, imprinted text, etc.

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Create consistent, strong injection parts with a range of industrial thermoplastics

Injection molding is used to create durable, strong plastic products and is perfect for projects requiring high-volume production. During the process of plastic injection molding, molten thermoplastic is injected into the metal mold and then left to cool to produce durable, consistent solid parts.

We’re not just a plastic injection molding company; we also manufacture plastic injection molds. Having the ability to mold plastic parts and produce custom plastic injection tools, PTMS offers only the best injection parts. Disputes between custom plastic injection molding companies and mold makers over tool functionality are common and can prove to be extremely costly for companies. However, partnering with PTMS for injection molding solves this dilemma.

Contact PTMS now and get your injection molding project started today. Send us your 2D or 3D file to receive an instant quote, work closely with our engineers to enhance your design, and move to the manufacturing phase once you’re ready. You can specify any inspection requirements, as well as finishing and post-production options you need for your parts.

Once your order is ready, we’ll package and ship the finished parts to you!