How about Injection Mold Service in China?

injection mold service in China

How about injection mold service in China? it’s an interesting issue for the foreigner to choose the injection mold suppliers. Today we will show some objective facts about this issue.

  1. There are many mold shops in China since 1990, many shops are from Taiwan, HK, because the government need to development the economic, so they give the shops some useful policy, such as free-duty, free housing, free-land and etc. but at the beginning, the southeast of China is the best choice, because they are closed to the sea, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian.
  2. The convenient sea transportation, because the cost by sea shipment is very cheaper, it will save a lot of money for the importers.
  3. Many professional mod-making people work in the shops. From this side, the production line can provide good mold services for the foreigners. Many experiences in mold production, one-stop service which include mold design, samples running, the mold will be sent to the foreigners as soon as its completed.
  4. QC is very important. As a ISO9001 certificated shop, mold quality is the life, the testing samples should be checked and confirmed by the foreigners, this injection mold tooling can be completed. Normally, inspection equipment includes CMM, Projector and others. As we knew, one shop can’t have many different equipment, some ones are absent, so we need to take the samples to other professional inspection organization for the testing.

PTMS is a professional injection mold supplier who can provide customers one-stop mold services in China, we start to make mold since 2002, focus on all kinds of molds, such as simple ones, complex ones and etc. The tooling is used in many industries, such as kitchenware, sanitary ware, medical, equipment, communication equipment, sports equipment, auto transportation, aerospace, simulation models etc.

Above all, we knew how about the injection mold services in China, all seems good for the service. If you need such perfect service, please feel free to send us an -mail, the project team will study your projects and give you reasonable project solution, make sure your project will be better and better if possible.