Low and High-Volume Production: Injection Molding

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With hundreds of plastic injection molding companies in China, there’s no shortage of companies to choose from. When choosing an injection molding company, numerous factors must be taken into account, including delivery time, company reputation, cost, quality assurance, and capabilities. While finding the right plastic injection molder that aligns with your company’s needs may seem like a difficult task, identifying your volume requirements and how they may change over time will help filter out the right options.

Here, we discuss high and low-volume plastic injection molding.

High-volume plastic injection molding

Generally, high-volume molding operations include anywhere from a hundred thousand to millions of pieces. Here, the tooling used is made from hardened steel.

High-volume custom injection molding provides the following advantages:

Better for automation

The process of high-volume plastic injection molding is perfect for automation, which can decrease unit costs and increase production capacities.

Lower unit costs

Yes, the initial cost of tooling for high-volume injection molding is bigger than for low-volume injection molding, but the durability of hardened steel molds allows molders to create more pieces, thereby reducing the need for a replacement. Consequently, depending on the number of components produced, the overall unit costs can be significantly lower.

Faster speeds and greater capacities

With high-volume injection molding processes, millions of pieces can be made at a time.

To sum it up, high-volume molding is ideal for mass production. Organizations usually use it to produce their products and parts in quantities ranging from 750,000 to more than 1,000,000.

one of PTMS plastic injection molded parts

Low-volume plastic injection molding

Based on the method used, low-volume injection molding operations involve less than 10,000 pieces of a component. The tooling used is made from aluminum.

Low-volume molding offers the following advantages:

Entry into the market is easier

The shorter turnaround times and lower initial costs offered by low-volume injection molding make it easier for smaller or newer companies with tight budgets to produce their products and parts.

Better design flexibility

Given that low-volume tooling can be done at lower costs and faster speeds, injection molding companies can have new molds created more readily to accommodate changes in the design.

Shorter turnaround times and lower tooling costs

Compared to steel tooling, aluminum tooling is much cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Low-volume injection molding is best suited for:

  • Low-volume production runs: This type of molding is ideal for injection molding projects that don’t require millions of products to be produced.
  • Pilot production and market testing: Low-volume injection molding is perfect for producing pieces for market testing.
  • Prototyping: The low cost and high speed of injection molding make it ideal for producing prototypes, which helps in testing products for function, fit, and form.

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