Plastics and Mold Making: What’s the future?

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Injection molding is an effective, simple manufacturing process with a rich history. Isaiah Wyatt and John Wesley created the first injection molding machine in 1872 using a plunger to inject plastic through a hot cylinder into a mold.

Today, plastic injection molding is used in various industries, from children’s toys to packaging, to aerospace. While this technology has been around for decades, the field of plastics, mold-making, and injection molding has continued to evolve – thanks to market disruptions, technological advancements, and other socioeconomic factors.

Here’s what plastics and mold making may look like in the future:

The future of plastics and mold making

With ideas, advanced equipment, and machinery, the future of the custom plastic manufacturing industry is all about exploring new ways to increase the cycle times and cool down the plastic quicker. To accomplish this, the world was introduced to 3D printing, allowing us to forecast how injection molding will look in the future.

But what is 3D printing? Well, it’s a process where objects are created in three dimensions in any size or shape. With 3D printing, affordable products can be made – and the quality wouldn’t be compromised as well.

Recently, we heard about the corn seed innovation coming to injection molding. The minds behind this tried to replace the usual oil-based plastic with corn-based, starchy food plastic. Currently, scientists are testing the biodegradable material to find out whether it could be used on a much larger scale.

As the plastic industry continues to evolve, we’ll soon be seeing these innovations taking over the market. While we’re already seeing the future of plastic injection molding, there is still a plethora of innovations ahead that one can look forward to. Following are three factors that are improving injection molding.

  1. a handle made by plastic injection mold makerDue to increased awareness of the climate and environmental factors, injection molding companies are compelled to work with more recyclable, eco-friendly materials to save the planet.
  2. Personalized elements are allowing the creators to use accurate technology for creating a product with the right specifications.
  3. Better-quality, lightweight materials are making the molding process less costly and easier.

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