The Advantages of Plastic Injection Gear

a black injection molding gear

The use of gears can be traced back to ancient times when it was first made using stones. Today, we use injection molded plastic gears.

Plastic gears didn’t promise many applications initially as operators weren’t sure how this material would perform when in contact with chemicals, moisture, and exposed to different temperatures. However, today, plastic gears have become a top choice for an array of applications — from manufacturing simple devices to producing intricate machines.

Here, our plastic injection molding manufacturer discusses some of the advantages of plastic injection gear.

Low labor costs

Compared to other types of molding, labor costs are relatively low in plastic injection molding. The ability to manufacture high-quality parts with a high output rate delivers unmatched effectiveness and cost efficiency.

The molding equipment usually runs with an automatic, self-gating tool to keep production ongoing, and operations streamlined, not requiring excessive supervision.

At PTMS, automation abounds. From our automatic injection robots and machines to automated tool fabrication processes and 3D computerized design capability, the whole PTMS facility is set up to manufacture the most economical, highest-quality plastic injection molded parts in the industry.

Less waste

When you’re in search of a high-volume injection molding partner, it’s vital to review their green production initiatives — they indicate the extent they’re committed to the practices of safety, sustainability, and quality.

A large amount of plastic is produced during the molding process. You should choose a company that recycles plastic. Some eco-friendly plastic injection molding companies use top-of-the-line machinery to help them package, transport, and minimize waste.

At PTMS, one of our main priorities is to nurture an ethos of environmental sustainability in our processes. For more than two decades, we’ve instituted a number of green initiatives that have helped us become one of the leading sustainable companies in the plastic injection molding industry. Check out our website for more information!

rotating gear created by custom plastic injection molding companies

More flexibility (in terms of color and material)

Selecting the right color and material for a project are important considerations when it comes to manufacturing plastic parts. Since the variety of colors and materials is almost endless, there are countless possibilities. Over the years, polymers have helped operators develop a huge selection of resins.

Partner with an injection molding company that has experience of working with different applications and resins. To ensure you’re choosing the ideal resin for your application, keep these variables in mind: heat deflection, water absorption, a flexural modulus of elasticity, impact strength, and tensile strength.

You can use a number of coloring systems to color the plastics — every system has its own advantages, disadvantages, and drawbacks.

Enhanced strength

This is one of the most important factors; one that must be determined when manufacturing plastic injection molded parts. The designer should know whether the part must be rigid or flexible so that they can adjust the integrating gussets or ribs. Understanding the type of environment, the part will be exposed to and how the customer will be using the part is also essential.

Finding the right balance of design considerations will help address your product’s need for stability and strength. Another factor that plays a significant role in the part’s strength is material selection.

Ability to design complex parts

Injection molding can manufacture millions of virtually identical, complex parts. Essential design elements must be considered to maximize the quality and precision of your parts and optimize the effectiveness of high-volume injection molding.

The part design should be developed to maximize the efficient inherent in high-volume molding. With the right design, it’s possible to make high-quality parts consistently.

a support injection mold

Most molding professionals around the industry agree that some fundamental design elements must be kept in mind during the injection process. They include properly placed vents, gate placement, weld lines, corner transitions, boss design, rib design, and wall thickness.

Faster production and higher efficiency

Plastic injection molding is known as one of the most efficient forms of molding. Compared to other methods, the process is considerably fast, and thanks to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, offers a high production output rate. While speed depends on the size and complexity of the mold, it doesn’t take more than 15 to 120 seconds between every cycle time.

Since the period between cycles isn’t long, a greater quantity of molds can be manufactured in a short time — this increases profit margins and revenue.

Benefits of plastic injection molding

Material and color flexibility

When designing original parts, manufacturers can opt for commercial materials and colors. But before choosing the material and color, manufacturers should consider the factors of water absorption, heat resistance, lightness, attractiveness, durability, strength, and reliability. With improved developments, colors can be chosen.

Plus, the over-molding technique can also be used if a manufacturer wants a multi-colored product.

Ease of using multiple plastics

Plastic injection molding can use a range of plastics simultaneously. Using the co-injecting molding technique, the manufacturing parts can easily build the final products. The system is quite smart as it doesn’t care about the type of material being used.

Design detail and development of complex parts

With this method, complex parts can be easily built. In fact, manufacturers can make an array of complicated shapes through excessive high-pressure inserts during the molding process. If there’s no high pressure, it would be impossible to make complex, detailed parts.

However, injection molding can make high-quality, identical products in bulk.

Fast, highly efficient production

Compared to other production methods, plastic injection molding offers super-fast speed and efficiency. Due to this, the process can manufacture products in bulk within a small timeframe. It doesn’t take long to produce complex plastic products, and that’s why products are manufactured in large quantities, cost less, and increase profit margins.

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