What’s the Benefits of Short Run Plastic Injection Molding?

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The most plastic parts are made by short run plastic injection molding in the world, because the most parts are small size and just need a short time to do the mass production in one cycle time. Normally, the cycle time is 30 seconds to 120 seconds and also called short run injection molding. Why it is popular? Today we will discuss this reason, it will include the following items.

1. The lower cost of original materials. As we knew, the cost of plastic molding is very lower than the parts made by metal materials, because the plastic resin is not high, but very cheaper compare with other materials. Usually, the outside parts are made of ABS, ABS+PC, the internal parts are made of PC, PA, PP. 2. The lower cost production of injection machine. Machine production is much lower than other tooling which are hands, 3D printing. The electric cost is very cheaper than other tooling.

Closeup of a automobile water box pipe

3. The lower labor cost. The cycle time is just 30s to 120s, very short time, the injection machine can produce many parts in one hour, so the labor cost will be lower. 4. Auto machine can reduce the labor cost. In the fact, 80% machines don’t need labors, because auto machines are widely used in the production line, it will cut down the labor cost.

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