3 Advantages of Outsourcing Plastic Injection Molding

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Usually, in-house injection molding leads to logistical concerns and unforeseen costs, becoming a liability to the product’s quality and the bottom line. Instead of completing these processes in-house, it makes sense to outsource plastic injection molding to an expert in the field.

Here, we discuss 3 advantages of outsourcing injection molding.

1. Great production support

Once you outsource your plastic injection molding, you’re able to access the provider’s service, people, resources, and equipment. These can make all the difference between a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective process that comes in on budget and on time (or better); or troubleshooting, difficulties, and overruns (which may require external personnel anyway if done in-house).

With the right injection molding provider, you’ll get strong production support, which will offer you the full benefits of outsourcing. This support can help with questions in all areas of your process if required – fulfillment, QA, production, prototyping, engineering, design, concept, and more. Plus, good production teams can step in/out at any time, helping you meet your specific needs.

2. Improved quality

If you choose to work with the right outsourcing provider for injection molding, you’ll gain access to extensive experience and expertise in the process – typically, cumulatively, at least decades of experience across every personnel. Naturally, all of this expertise means you’ll get a high level of quality in the process and the finished product.

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Often, injection molding is referred to as both science and art, and even researching hints, tips, best practices, processes, and more, can’t replace someone who has been working with a specific machine for years, or an engineer with decades of experience. The ability to intuitively adjust and fine-tune aspects of the complex injection molding process impacts many areas – from turnaround time and troubleshooting to product quality and more.

Moreover, an outsourced injection molding provider has higher chances of having the resources to invest in quality assurance practices and tools, training, and quality certifications to name a few. With a molding provider by your side, you’ll be able to access these resources, as well as their experience and the quality they provide.

3. Cost savings

While outsourcing your plastic injection molding, you’re able to save costs in various areas. If you want to cut costs without sacrificing speed, quality, or other factors that are critical to your product, there’s no better option than outsourcing your plastic injection molding. Here’s how you save costs:

  • Economies of scale
  • Optimized personnel expenditure
  • No maintenance costs
  • Little to no equipment costs

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