How to Deal with the Used Plastic Injection Molds?

used plastic injection molds

How to deal with the used plastic injection molds? It’s an interesting question for an injection mold supplier. It will be many used injection molds every day because there are many factories in the world. We will discuss how to do this issue this time. Normally, there will be some points to deal with the used molds.

  1. Delivery the molds to the importers. As we knew, the molds are made for the importers, the supplier have made a lot of plastic parts with the molds for the importers, but many years later, the molds are old, maybe something the importers don’t need the parts, if possible, but the used molds are still here, how to do it? Sometimes some importers want the used molds, so the factory should delivery the molds to the importers.
  2. Keep the used injection molds in the warehouse. Sometimes the importers don’t need the molds, so the shop need to keep it, maybe some other people need the similar plastic parts, so the shop can produce the similar parts with the used molds for them, it will save the mold making cost, also the shop can get some profits, it’s a good idea, I think.
  3. Delivery the molds to others team. Sometimes the importers don’t want the used molds, meanwhile, no people need the similar parts made by such molds, in this case, the shop can also sell the used plastic injection molds to the other people, they can make them as the steel and make others, it is recycling.

PTMS is a professional ISO9001-2008 certified injection mold maker in Shenzhen, China, we have many years mold making experience, also we have much experience on used injection molds treatment. The used injection molds also can be widely used in many different industries, for example, Automotive, Home Appliance, Medical, Printer, Plastic Tooling, Defense and Electronics Industries. If you have some used molds and don’t know how to deal with, please contact us at the first time, maybe we can give you a good solution.