3 Industries that Benefit from Plastic Injection Molding

man holding a plastic container

The process of injection molding requires precision. However, it’s very versatile. It can also benefit a range of industries. In fact, injection molding has benefited many products on the market.

Let’s look at 3 industries that benefit from plastic injection molding.

1. Electronics

Nowadays, electronics play an important role in our lives. From televisions to mobile phones, we use them almost every minute. These devices are made from small electrical components, which work in conjunction to ensure the device functions well.

For example, your television has a frame. If there’s no frame, you’ll just see a green screen with blinking lights. Besides keeping every component together, the structure also safeguards the electrical components from factors like dust. If there’s no structure, the performance and lifespan of the television will be negatively affected. As a matter of fact, the television’s base is also made of plastic.

Every electronic device needs a plastic casing. Plus, unlike metal, plastic doesn’t absorb moisture or expand, making it a perfect housing solution. Thanks to injection molding, making these things isn’t a problem.

2. Pharmaceutical and medical

a plastic injection mold maker in China manufactured this holderThe pharmaceutical and medical field needs top-notch quality and precision. While medical professionals use good quality stainless steel, there are still many tools and equipment made from plastic. Because manufacturing grade plastic resin has incredible mechanical properties, it’s one of the best products. Plus, it has similar tolerances as steel, has superior tensile strength, and is resistant to high temperatures. These characteristics are perfect to meet the rising demands of the pharmaceutical and medical products.

Injection molding accommodates complex designs, offers a lot of flexibility, and can reduce lead time, overall cost, weight, and material waste.

Some common products made from injection molding are tubing connectors, clips, disposable forceps, vials and cups, and jars.

3. Food and beverage

The food industry is one of the largest industries in the world. There are millions of food chains and restaurants around the planet, most of which use plastic utensils—and all of these utensils are made from injection molding.

Since food safety is a rising concern, one must meet certain standards when manufacturing materials for this industry. For example, these standards include compliance with FDA certifications.

Due to its natural characteristics, injection molding is quite popular within the food and beverage industry. While glass and stainless steel are sustainable options, they’re hard to maintain and more expensive to produce. Just imagine, if there wasn’t any plastic in the food industry, the takeaway wouldn’t be possible, and employees would have to wash a lot of dishes during their shift.

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