4 Applications of Plastic Injection Molding

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Plastic injection molding is used to manufacture plastic products. During this process, a plastic product is given precise dimensions and a complete structure. The heat melts the material, which is then injected into the mold cavity by high pressure, and after it’s cooled and is solidified, the molded product is acquired.

Here are some applications of this process.

1. Point of purchase

Point of purchase display components are designed to be decorative and functional – they require a balance of aesthetic appeal and durable construction. With injection molding, the following products can be manufactured:

  • Product stops
  • Pegboard hooks
  • Shelf dividers

2. Pharmaceutical and medical products

Since pharmaceutical and medical products can profoundly impact the health and safety of a person, it’s important to ensure quality throughout the whole manufacturing process – starting from the design phase to the final inspection. Here’s how injection molding can benefit the pharmaceutical and medical industry:

  • Reduced patient risk
  • Minimized overall costs, lead time, and material waste
  • Quick fulfillment of bulk orders
  • Superior design flexibility
  • Repeatable, high-quality part production
  • Reduced part weight

Some common medical parts that plastic injection molding produces include:

  • X-ray components for the dental field
  • Products for surgical prep
  • Diagnostic test kits

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3. Food and beverage

Components and parts used in the processing facilities of food and beverage should adhere to safety guidelines. These include GMA-SAFE compliance and FDA certification to safeguard the wellbeing of consumers while ensuring sanitary product manufacturing. Food-grade materials are used to produce plastic injection molded parts for these industries to comply with these standards. These materials are BPA-free and non-toxic. With injection molding, the following products can be manufactured:

  • Processing equipment components
  • Food and beverage containers
  • Beverage filtering components
  • Conveyor system components
  • Beverage over caps

4. Building and construction

Due to its versatility, injection molding has applications in a lot of industries. In fact, it’s become useful for the construction industry as well. Here are some of the characteristics of custom plastic injection molded parts that allow them to be used in the construction industry:

  • Wide range of finish and material options available
  • Lightweight
  • Material recyclability
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compared to wood and metal alternatives, greater cost-effectiveness
  • High durability when exposed to the elements
  • High material stability

To produce a range of affordable products and parts, manufacturers use plastic injection molding. These parts include small and large accessories, fasteners, hand tools, etc.

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