7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Plastic Injection Molding

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Since the production of custom plastic components requires quick turnaround and high quality, working with injection molding professionals is always recommended. Often, handling the challenge in-house causes inefficiencies and can lead to time-consuming, costly issues despite best efforts to streamline processes.

Here are some reasons why you should outsource your plastic injection molding:

1. Avoid risk

The initial investment of starting your own injection molding is already significant. When you consider that you’re dependent upon economies, sales, demand, volume, along with other metrics that can affect the return on investment of your business, you’ll realize that you’re exposed to a considerable amount of risk. However, outsourcing your injection molding can transfer this risk to the manufacturer.

2. Focus on competencies

If you want to continue doing what made you successful in the first place without additional infrastructure, training, and staff, outsource your injection molding. This way, you’ll focus on your core competency.

3. Experienceone of the many injection molded parts

Plastic injection molding isn’t just about manufacturing; it’s more than that. There’s distribution, packaging, quality assessment, project management, resource planning, and whatnot. If you’re thinking of bringing the manufacturing in-house, you’ll still have to comply with a range of standards. If your business isn’t financially strong, reaching those standards and maintaining them will be challenging.

4. Economies of scale

To reach economies of scale, volume is crucial. Often, startup injection molding setups don’t have the capacity or personnel to fill big requests, nor do they have the supplier relationships required to reduce prices for bulk material orders.

5. Streamlined inventory

With sufficient inventory for unforeseen demands, you can prevent unhappy customers, missed deadlines, and supply chain interruptions. However, there’s a drawback of keeping surplus inventory: cost for warehousing. By outsourcing your injection molding, they’ll offer you what you need, when you need it, all at a fair price.

6. Improved quality

There’s a lot of difference between a novice company and a company that has been practicing its craft for many years. It also takes a team of experienced individuals trained in various disciplines, for example, support, equipment, operators, tooling, engineering, and design, to make sure everything from quality testing to the manufacturing to the initial design is done according to specifications and meets the best quality standards and practices. Remember, the by-product of experience is high-quality production, minimal rejects, and seamless processes.

7. Cost savings

If there’s no expertise and sophisticated infrastructure, detailed specifications will be difficult to manufacture. Plus, specialized machines and skills require a financial investment—and a big one. With outsourcing, you can leverage someone else’s maintenance, operations, and startup costs.

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