How about CNC Machining Prototype Molding Services?

February 15, 2021

CNC machining prototype molding service is the basic tooling for many different prototypes.

Some advantage of the prototype: quick lead time. The reliable feedback for the designer seeking precise verification. A cost-effective option for low-volume production

Prototype is a product testing before mass production, so it’s very important for tooling company, but how to make high quality prototype?

Firstly, we have to find CNC machining prototype service for the products. Secondly, we need to prepare the original materials, such as metal, plastic or others. If you want a plastic parts prototype, just buy plastic. Thirdly, the worker needs to make programming according to the prototype shape which include the length, the width, the high and the circular measure. Finally, it will take 1-7 days to finish the prototype.

PTMS also can make prototype molding services and provide prototype for the products which the tolerance is +/-0.001mm, meanwhile, perfect treatment for the surface will be done on the time. We will know the market situation according to the prototyping, also will calculate the profits with it.