Why Precision CNC Machining Services is Very Important?

CNC machine

Precision CNC machining services is very important for many different industries, because this is the basic services for the mass production of the products. Below are the two different materials need for such service.

Plastics: some precision plastic injection molding parts need to be done by CNC machining, if just a few samples, it’s better to make the parts with CNC, but the cost will be much expensive, don’t worry, the total cost is not much, because 3-10 pcs, a few qty. Normally the plastics include ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, Nylon, PE, POM, PA, Rubber, Silicone. The CNC will make the similar sharps according to the 3D drawings, after some hours, the final parts made by plastics are completed. they seem very precision.

Metal: some industries just need a few metal parts, the cost will be much expensive if mold making, on this situation, CNC machining services will be the best choice for parts making. CNC will make the metal parts based on the 3D drawings. The metal includes Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel. Also, the CNC can make other metal if some inquiry.

In the fact, CNC is also important for injection molding industry. firstly, mold cavity and core should be made by CNC machining, after that, CNC should make all kinds of electrode, this electrode will make the parts shape by EDM machines. PTMS also can provide customers precision CNC machining services, our team will be ready to help you with the projects at any times!