How to Choose the Professional Automotive Plastic Injection Molding Companies?

automobile bumper made by automotive plastic injection molding companies

How to choose professional automotive plastic injection molding companies? It’s a difficult problem for many companies so today we will tell you the solution, maybe you can understand somethings after reading the article.

There are more and more automobiles in the world, because economic become very developed since 1990, so many people can buy the cars to drive, very convenient to work, play, shopping and other things. Meanwhile, many Chinese companies invested many funds on the area, they want to make top-quality cars for the people. The famous brand, for example, BYD, Greely Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, etc. the popular brands in the world include BMW, AUDI, BENZ, VW and others.

As we knew, the important components are auto engine and Automobile gearbox, the technology is not good in China, but other country is better. In the fact, the car is made by many different plastic parts, we called them automotive parts. but how to get such parts? who can provide such parts? it’s very simple, we can find some automotive injection molding companies to make such parts.

In order to choose the right companies to make such parts, we can find some on the internet, the engineers should know how to design automotive parts and make it work well, that means, we need to find the experienced engineers, the tooling shop should know how to make such parts well. Injection shop will make the mass production as well, because the structure of automotive parts is different from other common parts, it’s much complex and precision, the tolerance of some parts is +/-0.001mm.

The function and surface treatment are very important for the automotive parts, the common materials of automotive are ABS, ABS+PC, PC and Nylon, the internal parts are used for the function, common polish or printing, some surface is need to high polish, also called Mirror polishing.

PTMS is a professional injection molding shop in China, we are also focus on some automotive parts, some of our clients are from AUDI, BENZ, VW, VOLVO, also please contact us if you need to find some automotive plastic injection molding companies in the future, we will provide you reasonable project solution and make value for you.