02 Dec

How about Low Volume Injection Molding Cost in China?

Many different countries like to import injection molding products from our shop because of the reasonable low volume injection molding cost in China. How about the cost in China? Here are some characteristics for reference.

Lower cost. Usually, the labor cost is much lower in China, compare with other countries, especially Europe America, because many people here, the more people, the lower labor cost. Lower shipment cost by sea. There are many injection molding shops in the southeast of China, such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, the places are closed to the big sea, very easy for delivery by sea, the shipment cost is very lower. Professional project team working on projects by low salary. The leading company has many professional engineers and other workers who work in the shops, not too much salary, it makes we can provide reasonable injection molding cost in China.

PTMS is a leading company who know how to control low volume injection molding cost, the small size of the part we can make is 2mmx5mmx2mm and the accuracy is +/-0.001mm, the much light weight is 0.35g. If you need such reasonable service, please contact us or visit our shop, you will know how PTMS ability is, our team will be ready to help you with the injection molding projects. Here is the precision connector, made by PA6+30% GF, common polishing, very difficult parts. This injection part is made in our shop, it’s low volume injection molding and the cost is not high. The product is used in electronic products, internal part for conductive.