Importance of DfM (Design for Manufacturing) in Plastic Injection Molding

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DfM (Design for Manufacturability) is the process of proactively and consciously designing products to optimize every facet of manufacturing.

This methodology aligns production and engineering in the design phase, ensuring end-user satisfaction, regulatory compliance, superior quality, as well as cost and time efficiencies.

Prioritizing FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) is central to maximizing these DfM benefits within the larger plastic part analysis to evaluate risk probability. If you can identify and address problems early in the product development process, you’ll be able to prevent costly issues that may impact manufacturability like secondary operations, tight tolerances, and selection of plastics.

FMEA is just one example of the technical expertise needed to execute DfM successfully for complex applications.

Here, we highlight the importance of DfM in plastic injection molding:

Determining complexities of manufacturing

Once you’re done making the injection molding design for a part, there are many unknown intricacies that you’ll have to use for easy manufacturing. However, you can first evaluate the injection molding DfM and then identify various complexities like the use of draft angles and undercuts. This ensures lesser uncertainties make their way to the production phase.

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Moreover, this factor will benefit the injection mold design. Being aware of the intricacies involved right from the injection mold design phase will give more clarity to the shape and structure of the mold. Plus, this can help you produce the right prototypes.

Preventing part failure

While many things can go wrong during the plastic design and manufacturing process, there’s nothing worse than seeing the finished part failing to execute its intended functions. This may be due to some mechanical dysfunction or physical defects on the part.

Due to these defects, the client may have to incur double the costs of producing the part. Consequently, the production costs will increase.

Guaranteeing manufacturing feasibility

During the initial phases of plastic design and manufacturing processes, the likelihood of the designed part being suitable for manufacturing is unknown. If there’s no DfM check, lots of manufacturing processes will jump into the actual production phase before confirming whether or not the production is even possible.

But thanks to the injection molding DfM process, determining the feasibility of the manufacturing process right from the beginning is possible. Since manufacturers will be able to determine if they encounter manufacturing difficulties like collapsing 3D prints or parts stuck in molds. This won’t just help you save capital and time but will cut the timescale of production and make the product more affordable.

Besides these options, some other issues plastic parts DfM can help prevent include:

  • Simplifying a complex part/injection mold design
  • Using expensive parts for simple designs

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