Plastic Injection Mold: Are You Using the Right Plastic?

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With more than 85,000 types of injection molding plastic materials to choose from, it can be very overwhelming for someone to decide what’s the right plastic for plastic injection molding.

But don’t let this hold you back. Here, we discuss what plastics you can use for different applications. So, read on!

Best plastics for fitness equipment

Fitness equipment’s moving parts should use smooth plastics. The following parts can be developed for fitness:

  • T-handle pop pins
  • Weight pins
  • Belt pulleys
  • Ball stops
  • Plastic bearing pulleys

Ask the experts at PTMS regarding which plastics will be best for your fitness components.

Best plastics for garden & lawn applications

Often, garden and lawn plastics need to meet environmental wellness standards. With acrylic (PMMA/Plexiglas), you’ll get weather resistance, which is ideal for outdoor use. To store produce from the garden, an HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a decent food-grade plastic and can be used safely.

Best plastics for construction equipment

It’s important to ensure that construction components use only the best materials so they remain strong over time. Since plastic is a perfect blend of lightweight and strong, it’s the obvious choice. Other benefits include natural insulation and low heat conduction.

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ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), DHPE, and acrylic plastics should be used in construction. These plastics offer incredible benefits, for example, long-lasting durability. They can be molded in almost anything to satisfy the needs of your construction site, including rebar chairs, roller chain sprockets, idler pulleys, and more.

Best plastics for electronics components

For optimal use, electronics should stay dust-free and clean. They should also mitigate the risk of accidental electrocution and be safe to handle. Due to its insulating properties and good stability, ABS plastic is perfect for electronic components. Plus, clear acrylic works perfectly for storing visible components.

Best plastics for automation component molding

In automation, every moving part used should be made to remain smooth over years of use. If there’s even a single flaw in a mechanical component, you’ll either witness a machine breakdown or at least, sticking parts. Compared to metals, plastics are more advisable because their friction resistance is higher. In addition, plastics are very lightweight, unlike metals.

At PTMS, we suggest polyoxymethylene (POM/acetal) and nylon (PA) plastics for automation parts. These plastics are great for the majority of automation equipment as they allow for repetitive, smooth movement.

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