Selecting the Right Plastic Injection Molding Company

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Choosing a plastic injection mold maker in China can be a difficult decision. You’ll have to think about your product requirements, your industry, and your plastic products before partnering with a plastic injection molding company.

Here’s what to look for in a plastic injection molding company.

Quality assurance

If a company has in-house quality assurance, there’s nothing better. This means the quality of your parts would never be shortchanged or compromised to meet the deadline.

Full service

Consider a company that provides a full range of services – from design to quality assurance. This won’t just increase efficiency, but will also ensure your resources aren’t being wasted. So, choose a one-stop injection molding company like PTMS that provides every service you need.


See if the mold maker can handle your order without compromising the timeliness of delivery and quality of the product. Search for low-medium capacity injection mold makers if you’re looking to produce around 10,000 parts. However, if you’re targeting to manufacture a lot more parts, search for companies specializing in bulk orders.


This is another important factor to consider, which may include testing, machining, and molding capabilities. If a company is good but doesn’t have the capability you need, it’s better to look for another company.

Design team

Most people overlook this factor, but it ranks among the most important ones. Remember, mold design is important to create the initial molded part – with a professional design team by your side, precisely achieving the mold you require without any hassle will be possible.

Plus, a design team can offer you accurate design concepts, which is a great way of maintaining cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Otherwise, you’ll end up facing production-related delays and repercussions of suspended operations.


Consider for how long the company has been doing business. See if they have enough experience to take on your project. Take into account two things: the level of expertise that the company has developed in the past and the length of time that it has been operating. What’s better is, ask for their portfolio. This will help you see the job they’ve done.


If you’re looking for a mold maker to buy from or work with, gauging their reputation as a business should be one of the first rules. Here’s how to do it: check their previous clients out and try to gain feedback from them directly. If they’ve got a decent reputation, choosing them would be your best bet.

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Finding a good plastic injection mold maker in China for your products is a daunting task because the market is riddled with a plethora of injection molding companies. PTMS is good at making a mold in LKM, JIS, RABOURDIN, DME, HASCO, or enterprise injection mold standards.

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