The Types of Custom Plastic Mold Making Manufacturers

a precision plastic injection mold

Many different custom plastic mold making manufacturers produce different plastic parts, but do you know the types of the manufacturers. We will share some useful data about this with you, the manufacturers can be separate into some different types according to the different technology.

Blow tech. Plastic blow products include plastic bottle, just cut the resin when mass production, 30% products is made by such blow mold. Normally, this tech is widely used in catering market, for example, big plastic oil bottle, plastic bowl and etc.

Injection tech. 90% parts of products is made by such injection mold, the main key tech is injection, so there are many different custom plastic mold manufacturers in the world, because this is the lowest cost of parts, many products are made by many different plastic parts which made by injection molding mass production.

Compression tech. plastic pad, plastic ring, plastic keypad, also called silicone tech, using compression tech to make it, 10% products using such molding. What are the tooling machines in different mold manufacturers? The common machines – CNC, Wire Cutting, EDM, Grinder machine and others.

PTMS is one of plastic mold making manufacturers in China, but our main service is injection mold, 20 years experiences in many different tooling, the accuracy we can make is +/-0.001mm. If somebody need such service, our team will give you reasonable project solution! This will make your life better.