16 Dec

How to Control Plastic Injection Molding Cost in a Reasonable Range?


How to control plastic injection molding cost in a reasonable range? It’s an interesting question for a professional injection molding factory. Our factory is focus on injection molding mass production since 2002, to be honest, it’s not easy for us to control injection molding cost in a range, why? Because many factors will affect the cost, we will discuss the factors with you.

1. The structure of the injection parts. Big body with simple parts has more materials, that means, the cost of materials will be added in such case, but simple structure is easy for mold design and mold making, the tooling cost will be much lower than other complex big body. Small body with complex parts just needs a little material, the cost will be less than others, but the complex structure needs more tooling, the tooling cost will be added. So, the engineer should study the parts structures before mold design.

2. Mold design. This is very important things for tooling, the engineers have much experience in many different parts, big body with simple structure, small body with complex structure, and etc. the purpose of design is to make the mold easy to demoulding, also cut down the plastic injection molding cost of mass production. Perfect design is good for tooling and production. The 3D data format, such as igs, stp, x_t, the common software is Pro-E, just send us the 3D data or the samples if you need us to make the tooling design, the lead time will be 7 days at least, the engineer will send you the tooling design to check.

3. Injection machines. there are 20 sets auto machines in our shop, all is the brand which come from Germany, Japan, Taiwan. It will save lots of labor cost by such auto hands. The employee has many years’ experiences in operate the machines, don’t worry the confuse resin color or other mistake. They will make a test before injection molding mass production, if the samples are ok, they can go ahead. Other costs are much low than other countries, such as rent, labor cost, electric and ect.

PTMS is a professional injection molding company in Shenzhen, China, we have much experience in controlling injection molding cost, especially complex plastic injection parts, such as precision plastic injection connectors, if you need such injection molding service, please contact us at any times. Our team will help you and provide reasonable project solution, make your projects better and better.