What is Custom Mold Making Services?

custom mold making services

Custom mold making services is widely used in many different industries, injection mold is one model of such service, but do you know the details of such service? Today we will share some useful knowledge for this mold service.

The design, 3D mold drawing is the basic of the service, the engineer will make the 3D data for the parts, normally the shop use igs, x_t and stp formats. The material, the shops need to order the steel materials according to the 3D design, make sure the enough materials to make the mold. The machines, CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, milling machine, grinding machine, polishing machine and other tooling machines.

Usually the most machines include CNC, wire cutting machine, milling machine, grinding machine, EDM machine, polishing machines and etc. CNC machine is very important for custom mold services, because CNC is the first step for tooling, the rough model and electronic copper parts will be made by CNC,

The second machine is EDM, the details of sharp will be tooling by such EDM machine, some points is very difficult to be done and the cost is very expensive, how to make such sharp? Don’t worry, we suggest to using wire cutting machines, because such machine can make small precision points, and the cost is not expensive.

The first samples, after the mold is done, we should make the samples production and check them, the molds need to be modified if some problems. Delivery the mold, this is the last step for custom mold services, after customers confirmed the final samples, the mold is accepted, then the mold will be delivery to the customers.

PTMS is a professional injection mold shop who have much experience in custom mold making services, if you need such mold services, pls don’t hesitate to contact us, the project team will give you reasonable project solution after studying your projects, we are sure you can get high quality mold and injection parts.