What’s the Advantages of Plastic Products Manufacturers in China?

foldable food basket made by china plastic products manufacturers

China is the largest manufacturing country in the world, because there are many different plastic products manufacturers in China and the products were exported to the different worldwide countries. Why can China produce many products? Many reasons for this issue, we collected some useful information in the blog.

Reform and opening-up in 1978. The government make reform and opening-up decision at that time, some organizations changed into others, and some are cancelled. Many people can do something if they have the ability, for example, business, factory, shop and other jobs. Many foreign companies come the country and invest companies to make mass production, many Chinese people can work in the different companies, so, the economic become better and better, the people’s life goes well since 1978.

Coastal economy. Chinese economy is not good and rather poor at that time, so the government want to development the coastal area at the first beginning, because the delivery cost is very cheaper, its closed to Taiwan, HK, Macao. Some people from other countries also like to do the big invest in such area, for samples, Fujian province, Zhejiang province, Guangdong province, so, there are all kinds of plastic products manufacturers in China at that time, many people come and work in such manufacturers.

Many products made by plastics. With the development of various industries, plastics is widely used in many products, there are many plastic parts made by plastics, why? the reason include: the cost of plastic materials is very cheaper, the light weight and easy to be taken, not easy broken and etc. So, plastic instead of metal in the products, many plastic parts instead of metal parts.

PTMS is a professional plastic products manufacturer in China, we can produce all kinds of plastic injection molding parts for the different products. Here is color food basket, made by PP and TPE, easy for portable and foldable, it’s used in food industry. In the fact, there are other many advantages for such manufacturer, you will know more details if you want to learn more knowledge, also please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our injection molding service.