Who Can Provide Automotive Plastic Injection Molding?

automotive plastic injection molding parts made by PTMS

Automotive plastic injection molding is popular in injection molding industry, because private cars become more and more in the recent years. Usually, the auto parts should be top quality. Who can provide such service? Normally, professional automotive factories can make such parts, but injection factory also can provide injection molding automotive service, the factory should have the points as below.

1. It should have enough tooling machines and injection machines. maybe we knew, auto parts are made by machines, if no machines, people can’t do anything for that. 2. The engineer should have much experience in automotive projects. This project is very complex and precision, the normal engineer can’t make it from design to tooling and mass production. 3. The tooling shop should have automotive tooling experience, because automotive mold is very complex and precision, sometimes very big mold, it’s easy to do wrong if possible, so we just need professional workers to make it. 4. The shop should have strong quality inspection machines, such as CMM, projector, micro glass and etc. the QC can control the automotive injection molding quality, they can modify the mold if some problems.

PTMS specializes automotive plastic injection molding mass production, they have made many different automotive parts since 2010, the parts we made include bumper, air system, light cover and others and some of the famous clients are from BMW, Audi, Benz, Volvo, VW. Here you can see the gallery of automobile component, all is made by PTMS, very big size, good quality with perfect surface treatment, please contact us if some projects if possible.