battery shell created by PTMS
04 Mar

How about ABS Injection Molding Cost?

black battery shell by PTMS

Many products are made by ABS because of the low ABS injection molding cost. Why the cost is low? We will discuss with you for reference in this article, you will understand the issue which ABS resin is popular in the plastic industry.

1. ABS is the common material, some good characteristics, such as easy form, hardness, good resistance, not easy to deform, corrosion resistance. So many parts of the products are made by such resin. 2. The low injection cost. ABS is easy to be made, a lot of products are made by such resin, very common in the world, so the cost is very lower than other materials. 3. The cost of big volume is a little high, because big volume needs many materials, so the cost will be added, normally, the big volume part has very simple structure, so the ABS injection molding cost can’t be added. 4. The small part cost is a little high, because the structure of the part is very complex, difficult to be design and mold making, besides, difficult for mass production.

Here is a small part made by ABS, it called shell of mobile phone battery protection board, it has thin injection position, very small size, very precision and complex, the treatment is texture. PTMS is a leading company who can control ABS injection molding cost in the reasonable range, the parts we can do is 2mmx5mmx2mm to 1000mmx1000mmx300mm, rather good for the common projects. We can make it to +/-0.001mm, very precision. Any helps, please send us an e-mail, we will provide project solution to you!