precision connector made by micro plastic injection molding
09 Mar

Why Micro Plastic Injection Molding is Widely Used in Many Different Industries?

precision connector made by micro plastic injection molding

Micro plastic injection molding is widely used in the people’s life since 1900, because many plastic parts of the products is not big size. Today we will discuss why such technology is popular in recently years and give you some useful advice.

  1. The products are made by many different parts, 80% of the parts is made by injection, very fast and not expensive, it’s easy to do mass production in the shop. The company who produces the complete products can’t make all the parts by themselves, so they need to find the partner to help, provide the related parts for the products.
  2. The cost is low, 75% of the molding is very low cost, all is made by injection machines, 80% people can accept the price in the life, so they are happy to pay for it.
  3. The raw material is very cheaper. 75% of the plastic resin cost is not high, it’s easy to form in mass production, so, 90% products are made by micro injection molding.

Here is the gallery of plastic connector, resin is PBT + 30% GF, the hardware in the parts, ordinary polishing, a little difficult in the mass production, rather complex and precision. PTMS is a leading company who specialized in many different micro plastic injection molding productions in recently years, we would like to make perfect project solution to you if new project arises.