plastic injection molding supplies made by PTMS
07 Apr

Who can Provide Plastic Injection Molding Supplies?

plastic injection molding supplies

Plastic injection molding supplies is widely used in many different industries in the past 200 year, maybe some people will ask – why? Today we will discuss this issue and tell you more interesting stories.

The root cause is rapid economic development, we called it as the first industrial revolution, it refers to the technological revolution launched from Britain in the 1860s, which finally established the ruling position of the bourgeoisie in the world. It is a great revolution in the history of technological development. It created an era of replacing manual labor with machines. This is not only a technological reform, but also a profound social change.

Now we can say – the background of injection molding supplies is industrial revolution, but do you know which machines can produce such supplies? Of course, it should be injection machine, but which factory have such machine? It is called injection molding factory, also called shop and they need to make the tooling before the injection molding supplies production.

plastic connector injection molding supplies

There are many different shops in the world, today we will introduce one shop, PTMS, a professional injection molding company in Shenzhen, China. we also have much experience in injection molding supplies mass production, all the supplies are widely used in many industries, such as Automotive, Home Appliance, Medical, Printer, Plastic Tooling and others.

At this stage, our main purpose is the plastic parts mass production, but sometimes, we also produce some simple supplies as the customers’ needs. The profits of parts are just a little, our goal is to develop products, make the perfect service to the worldwide customers.

If you want to import some plastic injection molding supplies from China, just contact with us, as a credible ISO9001-2008 certified company, PTMS will help you with the projects from the mold design to tooling and injection molding mass production, make value for you!