plastic injection moulding items
31 Mar

The Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding Items

plastic injection moulding items made by PTMS

Many plastic injection moulding items are used in our life since 1900, such as plastic case, plastic cover, plastic brackets and etc. Why many such items are so popular? In the fact, there are many benefits for the items, below are our comments for this issue.

1. The low cost. The total cost is very lower than other material, compare with plastic, others which are metal, silicone, wood, etc, every material is more expensive than plastic. So, people like the plastic items. 2. The price of mass production is very lower. Injection moulding items are made by injection machines, now many shops buy auto machines, it will save a lot of labor cost, so the total price of the items will be much lower. 3. Easy to use. It is much easier to use compare with other metal items, good for people’s healthy, very light not heavy. 4. Easy for assembly. They are very easy to be assembly, rather soft and smooth, good for healthy. Above all, you will know the benefits of the plastic items well.

Here is optical crystal head, one of the plastic items, it’s made by transparent PC, the accuracy is +/-0.001mm, rather complex and precision, very difficult to be done. Our shop- PTMS, a leading company in Shenzhen, China, we are happy to help you with the plastic injection moulding items mass production if possible. Welcome to visit our shop as soon as you fly to China, you will know our perfect service.