plastic connector by low-cost plastic injection molding
09 Dec

How to Get Low-Cost Plastic Injection Molding?

connector by low-cost plastic injection molding

Low-cost plastic injection molding is widely used in many different industries in recently years, all the people like good quality products with reasonable price, it makes life better and better. But how to get low-cost injection molding? It’s an interested job for exporters. We will show you more knowledge based on a professional injection molding manufacturer.

Perfect injection mold design is important for low-cost injection molding mass production, it can save a lot of cost, usually our professional engineers have 5-10 years working on mold design. The mold standard we can make include DME, RABOURDIN, JIS, HASCO and LKM, in the most time, LKM is the common standard if mass production in our shop. The cost is not big for LKM mold standard, the mold life should be 300 000shots, enough for mass production.

All of the cost in China. The cost includes labor cost, electric cost, housing cost, machine cost, original plastic materials cost. As we know, the labor cost is much cheaper in China, because many people want to find normal jobs, and not many factories, so the salary is not big, just for life. So, the total cost is much better than other countries, we can provide reasonable price with the products.

Electric is very fast and easy to get here, very low cost, low machine cost, but the housing cost is getting higher and higher in recently years, but we can also produce low-cost plastic injection molding with top quality, because compare with other countries, our cost is still rather low right now, the original material cost also getting higher, but not too much. So, the clients also can accept our low cost.

Auto injection machine can cut down the cost. There are 20 auto machines in our shop, it will save much labor cost, very fast and very top-quality. It’s very good idea for our jobs. The machines are from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, all is the brand machines, easy to make mass production. Others low cost in our shop, such as overtime pay, board expenses, management expenses and etc.

Now you can see how we can get low-cost injection molding in our shop, as a professional company, PTMS is focus on high quality injection molding mass production since 2002, especially all kinds of precision parts, like as connector, it is used in electronic products for connector function. Welcome to contact us for more projects issue, we can help you at any times.