08 Nov

How To Get Plastic Injection Molding Price?

How to get plastic injection molding price? It’s a rather difficult job for people who need injection molding service. Being a real factory, we can tell you some more details about this price.

The price is made of some factors, which include the plastic resin cost, part size mm, cycle time of injection machine, part weight and runner weight, the quantity of the parts. Normally cold runner mold is used in mass production, because the mold cost is not high, the importers can accept this mold cost.

Who can quote plastic injection molding price for you?

First of all, the man should know injection mold design, mold making and the basic knowledge of injection molding mass production. Secondly, the man should know all the cost of plastic resin, because the resin cost will be changed in different time, so the guy should learn more about this market. Third, the guy should know the labor cost and the other related cost in different time, also electronic cost of machine – cycle time, maybe you don’t know, the electric cost is very big when the machine working, the long cycle time makes the big electric cost, the short cycle time makes the small electric cost.

Where to get plastic injection molding price? Usually, you can find injection molding companies in internet, PTMS is a professional company and they can quote you reasonable price. Normally the importers should find 3-5 companies to quote it, and then compare with the price and service, ask some related project questions.

PTMS is focus on all kinds of plastic precision connectors, we have 20 years in making such parts, very difficult to do, but we can do it with top-quality, here is one gallery for reference, you can check the structure, very precision, please feel free to contact us if you need such projects if possible.